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Is he chatting with someone else? Find these signs! 👀

In today’s digital age, relationships often flourish and flounder through the constant ping of messages and notifications.

But how can you tell if your partner’s attentiveness is being shared with someone else?

Here are nine telling signs that he might be chatting with someone else.

1. Sudden Secrecy with His Phone

A sudden change in how he handles his phone can be very telling. If he used to leave his phone lying around the house and now it’s always in his pocket or face-down on the table, it could indicate that he’s hiding something.

Watch for behaviors such as quickly locking the screen when you walk by, changing his phone’s password, or turning off notifications so they don’t pop up for you to see.

These actions suggest that he doesn’t want you to accidentally see something he’s been doing on his phone.

2. Increased Screen Time

If he’s spending more time than usual on his phone or computer, especially late at night or during times he would typically be engaging with you, it could mean he’s involved in lengthy conversations with someone else.

Pay attention to whether he seems unusually preoccupied with his devices or if he’s frequently stepping away to take calls or respond to messages in private.

3. Guarded Social Media Behavior

Changes in how he uses social media can be another indicator. For example, he might start un-tagging himself from photos that you post, or he may become more selective about who sees his posts and stories.

He might also change his social media privacy settings to hide his activities or friends list.

If he’s suddenly very protective of his online interactions, it might be because he doesn’t want you or others to see his interactions with someone new.

4. Decline in Communication

If the once lively and engaging conversations you had with him become terse, infrequent, or routine, it could be a sign that his attention is divided. Emotional investment in another person often means there’s less emotional energy left for you.

He might not share details about his day, his feelings, or future plans as openly as he used to, indicating that he’s sharing those parts of his life with someone else.

5. Frequent Mention of a New Friend

When someone new enters his life and occupies a lot of his mental space, he might mention them frequently.

Pay attention if he starts talking about a “friend” or “colleague” a lot more than usual, especially if these mentions come with a noticeable enthusiasm. This could indicate that this new person is taking up a significant amount of his thoughts and possibly his emotional attention.

6. Evasive Answers

When you ask him simple questions about his day or plans and he responds with vague or inconsistent answers, it might be a sign of deception.

If he avoids giving straight answers or frequently changes his story, it could be because he’s trying to keep his activities with someone else a secret.

7. Changes in Routine

Noticeable changes in his routine—like new hobbies, unexplained outings, or late-night work—might be more than just personal growth.

If he starts making time for activities that he never showed interest in before, it could be because he’s spending that time with someone else.

Keep an eye on whether these new routines seem to coincide with the presence of a new person in his life.

8. Emotional Distance

Emotional detachment can be a glaring red flag. If he seems less invested in your relationship, less interested in your feelings, or less affectionate, he might be emotionally connecting with someone else.

Pay attention to whether he seems preoccupied or distant, as this could indicate his focus has shifted elsewhere.

9. Unexplained Expenses

New or unusual expenses can hint at another relationship. Look out for unexplained charges, frequent dining out, or gifts that don’t seem to align with your shared experiences.

If his spending patterns change and he can’t provide clear explanations, it might be because he’s investing in someone else.


While these signs can be concerning, it’s important to approach the situation with care and communication. Direct conversations about your feelings and observations can often clear the air and provide clarity.

Trust your instincts, but also trust the strength of honest dialogue in your relationship.

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